Useful information Échappée Belle 2020

July, 1st, 2020

Here are additional details to enable each of you to better organize yourself for your preparation and visit. Other information will come in due course during the summer.



Possibilty of having your bib sent to you by post mail + t-shirt, roadbook, spare bag, identification bracelet and ticket. Applicable only for shipments in MAINLAND FRANCE.

IF SUCH OPTION is chosen, it should be prior July 10.

How does it work? What’s the point?
The main point is to avoid you to drive to Aiguebelle before the race start. Ecological, economic and health measures (fewer people at the bib withdrawal site).
Cost is 6 euros. (cost price). Payable via your live trail account using the link to your Livetrail account :

The bib will be mailed end of july using the tracked mail mode. (no registered letter mode will be used).

Please double-check your post mail address to make sure we have the right one (only addresses in France please).

We hope many of you will choose this win-win option !


For those of you choosing to withdraw their bib in Aiguebelle, this will be possible along pre-defined time slots. We will get in touch with you over summer so that

you can select your time slot.

What we can already say :

– no mandatory bag and equipment this time at bib withdrawal stage (however controls will take place during the race)

– Thursday, Aiguebelle 14.00- 20.00 : exclusively for the 149km, and on appointment

– Friday, AIguebelle 14.00- 20.00 : dedicated to the 85 and the 62km, also on appointment.

– Saturday, Collet allevard 06.30 – 09.00  : exclusively for the 62km, no appointment required.

NO WITHDRAWAL POSSIBLE IN VIZILLE NOR PLEYNET – rather select the post mail option then !!!

Some aid stations won’t be supplied as much as usually ; that will make the adventure even more intense. Don’t worry though, there will be everywhere enough to drink and something to eat ! Spare bags for the 87 and the 149km are still possible.

Hands disinfection (as usual now since 3 years) will be mandatory at the entrance of each aid station and a few other sites (start and finish lines).

Access to an aid station will follow a strict but simple distanciation protocole. We will tell you more about it this summer.

The 3 races will be managed with 5 waves start.
You’ll receive your wave number on August 8 th . After that date we won’t change anything on the races.
Thanks to respect your wave start! This is one of the most important measure of distance and limitation of groups. So it’s important to respect your assigned wave start.

Integrale solo and duo: Friday 21 st

  • Wave 1 : 4:00 AM highest iTRA rating,
  • Wave 2 : 4:30 AM next ITRA rating,
  • Wave 3 : 05:00 etc,
  • Wave 4 : 05:30 etc,
  • Wave 5 : 06:00h etc.

North Crossing: Saturday 22 nd

  • Wave 1 : 4:00 AM highest iTRA rating,
  • Wave 2 : 4:30 AM next ITRA rating,
  • Wave 3 : 05:00 etc,
  • Wave 4 : 05:30 etc,
  • Wave 5 : 06:00h etc.

Ridge Track: Saturday 22 nd

  • Wave 1 : 8:00 AM highest iTRA rating,
  • Wave 2 : 8:30 AM next ITRA rating,
  • Wave 3 : 09:00 etc,
  • Wave 4 : 09:30 etc,
  • Wave 5 : 10:00h etc.

→ For women the ITRA rating will be upgraded to 100 points to determinate the wave start.
→ For duo the smallest ITRA rating will be used to determinate the wave start.

Snacks before the starts are maintained but reduced (coffee, tea…).

Wearing a mask will be mandatory in each significant gathering area and/or where physical distanciation is not possible. And when running, you obviously don’t need to wear a mask …

The start in Allevard is impossible due to the health resort. So we move the start to Collet d’Allevard.
Here the update of the track:
Now the distance is 57,5k with 3850m of elevation. All the part in altitude and the ridges will be run.
Please take attention that the new format will be in high semi-autonomy. This means that the 1 st pit stop will be placed at 29k after the start and you’ll find only 1 more pit stop = only

2 pit stop for this race. With this extreme « Covid » situation we decided to keep the wildness of the course rather than more comfort. Adjust your work out plan accordingly.
One new time barrier is added on Col de la Frèche after 18k at 05:00 PM, so after 7hours running.
The time barrier of the 1st pit stop « Fontaine Noire », after 29k is at 10:00 PM, so after 12 hours of running.
The ITRA points won’t be change and still give 3 points.

The camping / bivouac will be bigger than usual.
– More space in Aiguebelle to camp from Thursday to Saturday, sleep in the gymnasium won’t be allowed, but showers and restroom still available.
– Camp in Vizille allowed from Thuirsday to Friday, sleep in the gymnasium won’t be allowed, but showers and restroom still available.

Rest area, dormitories and camp beds will be maintained. The maximum rest times are identical to previous years (see regulations) except that for once they must be respected!

If you plan to sleep in Le Pleynet, Super Collet or Aiguebelle (arrival), don’t forget to place a light sleeping bag in your spare bag, as due to the sanitory measures we can’t use the usual blankets.
On the others aid station where cots will be provided, you won’t need your sleeping bag as we’ll lend you some washable sheets and blankets.

Podiums will be held along with runners arrival. There will be no closing ceremonies.

Each runner is entitled to only one accompanying person. A bracelet will therefore be provided with each bib. The accompanying persons won’t be authorized to get access to all aid stations and will be required to wear masks.

Other family members will be welcome to stay nearby but not to enter the runners areas.

The public will only be allowed in areas where physical distanciation can be enforced (i.e. at major aid stations and at the finish line site).

Animation activities aimed to the public and children will be significantly reduced. There will still be animation activities aimed to volunteers and runners.

A new live-tracking system is being evaluated to enable families and public to follow the event and races remotely.

A shuttle service to take you to the start lines will still be provided. However as of today we don’t yet know the shuttle access conditions.

The pasta and arrival meal options are maintained.

Snacks before the starts are maintained but reduced (coffee, tea…).

The pacers are still allowed.