Difficult question. Our wish is to not require references because we think that it doesn’t reflect necessarily the level of the runner. So we therefore use your own analysis of the course and your capacities. The route is very demanding, physiologically (altitude, big difference in altitude) but also mentally (very technical trails, night time). The 144 km is considered much more difficult than a UTMB for example. A mountain foot and a taste for mountain paths is a good prerequisite as well as good material (poles, powerful headlamp, waterproof jacket). Read the regulations.

These areas exist but they’re more impressive than dangerous. Run by night there are always more difficult. We ask you to be vigilant and to give up and/or wait for the right moment to commit yourself. 40 rescuers, 6 doctors, 10 practical nurse and 30 mountain binomials are there to provide assistance and/or help. Zero risk doesn’t exist, be careful. The equipment of the difficult passing has been reinforced.

Check the walking table. The time of the firsts are shown. If you’re an average runner you need to multiplicate by 1.5 your classic time and until 2 for the slowest. The time barriers are set to allow you to finish your race safely. Thank to respect these time barriers and to follow the instructions of the race officials and the medical staff.

For the slowest of you it would be possible to spend until 10 hours between 2 refreshment posts. The critical point is often the drink. That’s why we provide you to carry a minimum of 1.5 liter. Belledonne is an “aquatic” massif, take advantage of it to reload outside the drinking areas if you’re not too sensitive. The water of Belledonne is for the most part drinkable, but as a precaution avoid low water source or below a pasture, prefer those in height.

The race is connected to an approved professional weather router. We can thus better anticipate the weather hazards to offer several alternative course available in the menu track, allowing you to reach Aiguebelle safely. However weather can’t be 100% forecasted as well. We may have to cancel or to interrupt the races for extreme cases and for your safety.