A beautiful land…

Belledonne, crystalline chain of the Alps, it’s a wild mountain, little traveled and protected. In this sierra peaks about 3000m, no road crossed this massif, profoundly cut by many coombs, lakes, pierriers and sharp peaks. It’s a wild play ground for hiking, summer and winter. A natural paradise! Belledonne offers a lot of variety of landscape and some truly exciting track, of the softest in the most sports.

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L’Échappée Belle allows trail runner to discover this fantastic massif, its landscape, its refuges, its local food, while joining an initiative to limit the impact of the race on the environment. “Our wish is to preserve the massif by selecting the tracks and to reserve some welcome area for the public. All of this is made in dialogue with the responsible organism (ONF, NATURA 2000), and also the municipalities, in particular through environmental studies. So strict instructions are given to all competitors. They’re included in a convention, the failure to respect which is severely punished  by the regulation”, explains Florent Hubert, organisator.

Set up with the help and support of the Espace Belledonne (in particular the guards of refuges and sheepkeeper), the town crossed and all the players of Belledonne, this Ultra Trail is above all the event of the people and lovers of Belledonne.

The “Espace Belledonne”

The Espace Belledonne, law association 1901, created at the initiative of the local elected representatives in 1998, federate the municipalities and the socioeconomic actors of Belledonne. Born in Isère, started with 19 municipalities members, the Espace Belledonne has widening step by step its surface. Now all the 54 municipalities of Belledonne have joined the association. Strong of its local anchoring and the diverse commited local and European programs, the association positions as the institutional referent of the territory and its members. The Espace Belledonne is responsible to define the political project for its territory, to find its governance, its mobilizing tools necessary for its implementation.

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Belledonne, land of trail

Meet the “patous”


  • Around 80 km long of the Arc to the Romanche and about 15 km wide
  • A vertical massif with an altitudinale amplitude of 200m to 3000m
  • A mountain without any road
  • 54 moutain town: 27 in Isère, 27 in Savoie
  • 2 departments: Isère and Savoie
  • 50 000 inhabitants
  • 106 000 ha
  • 18 main passes
  • 90 pics over 2 500 m
  • 70 lakes
  • An industrial heritage (iron mines, hydropower)
  • A thermal water: Allevard and Uriage
  • Altitude resort: Le Collet d’Allevard, Les 7 Laux, Chamrousse, connection with Les Sybelles, Vaujany, nordic ski area of Barrioz and Arselle
  • A diversified agriculture
  • A wild and protected high mountain
  • A dynamic pastoralysm, a biodiversity of national interest…