The Echappée Belle is a difficult race mixing endurance, height and wild paths of mountain in semi-autonomy.
Be aware, don’t go away from the marking, show solidarity!
In case of problem or doubt: call the race communication station.
Carry with you the security form (obligatory) in your backpack (given with the bib race inside the road-book).

Obligatory Equipment


  • Security form
  • PERSONAL BEAKER to drink on the refreshment stop
  • Whistle
  • Adhesive elastic band enable making a bandage or a strapping (mini 100cm x 6 cm)
  • Survival blanket (non-cut)
  • Waterproof jacket (as Gore Tex membrane) with hood
  • Pant or tight (3/4 accepted)
  • Mid layer or Thermal
  • Dry first layer to use in case of emergency
  • Waterproof pocket (plastic bag or other)
  • Food reserve with minimum 2 energy bars
  • 1 or more water reservoire to bring minimum 1,5 liter
  • Beanie or “Buff”
  • Gloves
  • Cellular phone with full battery and the secutity number saved (written on the race bib)
  • Altimeter (GPS or barometric)
  • Head lamp with extra battery
  • Road-book (or minimum the recapitulative and help index)
  • Bin

Some race bib will be controlled at random when accessing the departure area and all along the race. Immediate disqualification in case of non-respect!

Recommended equipment


  • Strong head lamp with 300 lumens or more
  • Rain cape
  • Extra clothes
  • Poles
  • GPS with the track saved
  • Cash in €
  • Full road-book
  • Gaiter
  • Anti-friction cream
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses

Rescue and assistance

The organization provides a complete process to support your safety. We’ve planned for your safety:

  • 1 helicopter dedicated to bring rescuer and to evacuate the slightly injured runner, 3 car 4*4, VSAV. The helicopter doesn’t fly for free, and doesn’t fly by night and with bad conditions!
  • 3 doctors
  • 1 medical team of regulation takes place all along the race in Le Pleynet /Les 7 Laux.
  • 2 advanced medical posts in Le Pleynet / Les 7 Laux and in Aiguebelle
  • 1 race communication station in Le Pleynet / Les 7 Laux
  • 1 Météo France routeur on stand by!

But also a secondary plan: 1 radio HF network, 5000 reflective 3M markers, 26 binomial signalers in mountain, cyalumes, 500 road-book, 15 points of electronic control + 10 points of manual control

Thanks to respect those instructions provide by all volunteers and professionals.

Alert in case of accident

By day:
• By calling the safety communication station (thank you to have fully charged battery and to charge your phone when it’s possible on the refreshment stop) – Decline your identity and number of bib + altimetric and kilometric position
• By joining a binomial signaler (equiped with radio HF)
• By using your whistle!
By night:
• By using your whistle
Using the luminescent stick (provided on the 144km only)
• Using your head lamp. Do not leave the marked trail, wait for rescue!!!!

Rest during the course

In the day time and at night:
• Anticipes the phases of fatigue: rest possible on all the refreshment post
If you use shelters near the path: – indicate with a visible marker your presence for the passage of the event sweep team – call the security post to warn of your break near the path.
In a general way don’t leave the path except in cases of force majeure.

Abandonment / Bib Race

In the day time and at night:

• It’s NOT POSSIBLE to abandon outside the provided refreshment post!
• Never abandon WITHOUT having returned your race bib to staff member or a volunteer carrying a radio HF.
• Call the Security Post in case of doubt to warn your abndonment.
• It’s very difficult to abandon on la Pra / Jean Collet / Habert d’Aiguebelle because they’re difficult to access

WARNING: any abandonment without having returned immediately the race bib will be sanctionned and can be the object of prosecution. The expenses of research will be charged to you. All future registration to Echappée Belle or another partner event will be impossible. Not return the bib race = Activate the emergency device = Endanger runner and rescue staff.

Race Management

Feed correctly: 10 refreshment posts! Drink regularly: 10 refreshment posts + water source along the race (don’t drink in the rivers and torrent)! Relax: 10 refreshment posts equipped with beds / mattresses and survival blankets! Multiply by 1.5 to 2 the time you put on that distance on a classic trail! A team of physiotherapy and professional podiatrist will be present on several stop!

Individual Insurance

All participants are automatically insured for mountain search and rescue costs during the race.

Special Equipment

The pass of Moretan (Col Moretan) is equipped with ropes for the downhill to help the crossing of the firn. Please follow the instructions of the volunteer.

Special Weather Conditions


  • Group together by 2 or more
  • If you’ve a doubt on the track, make a U-turn
  • In case of very intense fog, the safety control post will give instructions to move forward by small group


  • It’s common to have temperatures of +30°c/10°c on the same day!


In case of intense rain and/or storm, snow, fog without visibility, flood river, severe weahter alert, order of the prefecture, etc, the race can be stopped, cancelled or diverted on alternative course. No refund will be granted.