There is no draw this year.

Last year was a bit of a special year, we included all the runners on the waiting lists.

When do you inform the runners?
As soon as a runner cancels his participation, we contact the runners in the order established following the draw.

Until when could you inform me?
The latest could be 1 week before the race.

However, if you are informed on that date, the options to change will no longer be available.

Please check the conditions before any cancellation : (Rules link)

Yes. The credit card is connected to the account so there is no problem, the refund will be made normally.

No it is not possible to sell your bib to another runner. If you cancel your participation, we will contact a runner on the waiting list. It is also not possible to give the name of a replacement runner.
Before August 1, you can easily cancel and get a refund, to do so please send a message to ‘’ informing us of your intent.

The options (pacer, pasta party, shuttle, bib mailing) can be added or removed until July 25th.
Once this date has passed, they cannot be refunded or added.

Two options are available to choose from through your livetrail login.
– Bib mailing, ONLY for mainland France
– Pickup in Aiguebelle.

The pickup is from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.:
Thursday for 152km runners
Friday for 92km, 63km  and 42 km runners
152km and 92km – you must collect your bib no later than the day before the race. No bib will pickup will be available on race day.

It is possible to retrieve a friends bib if their file is complete (medical certificate validated) and upon presentation of the person’s identity document.


Your medical certificate must be uploaded to your online runner space by August 10 at the latest .
Medical Certificate will not be accepted during bib collection. You will not be allowed to race if you do not have a valid certificate.
The certificate must:
– Include the approval (or fitness) for COMPETITIVE sport.
– It must specify running, athletism, or triathlon,
– It must be dated within a year on the date of the event.

-Include the signature and stamp of the doctor who issued the certificate.

Yes the license (FFA or FFTri) is valid as is the “Run Pass” (“Pass Courir” from FFA).  The license must be from the current season.
FSGT or CAF licenses are not valid.

Medical certificates will not be processed by email.  You will need to upload a new one in your runner space.

Here’s how to do it:
1) Go to the site of the Echappe Belle:
2) Then in the REGISTRATION tab
3) Then select your race
4) There is a line that has been written down “Already subscribed?” … to consult or modify…. “Click here”
5) Click “here” and enter your NOM and file NUMERO.
There you can remove a medical certificate and replace it with the valid certificate.

The information has certainly not gone unnoticed, but this year sees a new device concerning your health: the Health Prevention Pathway (PPS). Set up by the FFA, it aims to raise awareness and empower you about the effort that awaits you during a running competition. Eventually, it will even replace the medical certificate.
For Echappée Belle, 3 choices are possible to validate your registration:

  • be licensed FFA and indicate its membership number,
  • download your medical certificate of non contraindication to the practice of sport, running, athletics in competition dating from less than 1 year on the starting day of the race written in french, on your online runner space (BEFORE JULY 25)
  • download your PPS certificate or validate your PPS certificate number on your runner space (warning, the PPS is valid only 3 months, for it to be valid for the Echappée Belle, it will be necessary to wait until May 23 to complete your PPS)

In any case, at least one of these documents is required to validate your registration on one of the Echappée Belle races. Without PPS or medical certificate (or current FFA license), the organization will invalidate the bib.


The post-race hot meal is served at the finish of your race from Saturday 11am until Sunday 1pm.

You can buy an accompanying meal on site at the last moment, depending on availability of  meals.


Tough Question. We don’t want to specify a level of competence because we do not think this will reflect the level of the participant. We ask that you do your own analysis of the course and your abilities. The course is very demanding, physiologically (altitude, steep gradient and a lot of vert!) but also mentally (very technical trails, nigh time). The A As an example of how challenging the Echappe Belle Integral has been described as much more difficult than the UTMB. A steady foot in the mountains and a taste for altitude trails are the right prerequisites as well as good equipment (sticks, powerful head light, waterproof jacket). Check the rules and roadbook.

They exist but are more impressive than really dangerous. The passage of these areas at night is always more problematic. We ask you to be vigilant and know how to stop and/or wait for the right time to commit. There will be 40 first responders, 6 doctors and 10 nurses as well as 30 mountain teams of two to provide assistance and/or rescue. There is no such thing as zero risk, so be careful. The equipment for the difficult passages has been enhanced.

See the ROADBOOK. The times of the first runners are indicated. If you are an average runner count 1.5 times this time and up to 2 times the time for the last. The time barriers are designed to allow you to finish the race safely. Please respect them and follow the instructions of the race marshals and medical staff.

There are sections of the route where you will spend up to 10 hours (for the slowest) without refuelling. The critical issue is often water.  Plan to carry a minimum water supply of 1.5 l.  Belledonne is a very “aquatic” massif, enjoy it, recharge outside the refuelling areas if you are not too sensitive. The water of Belledonne is mostly drinkable, but as a precaution avoid low areas or water points below pasture, stick to those at higher elevations.

The race organisers are connected to a licensed professional weather forecaster. We can thus anticipate the vagaries of the weather to offer you several folding options available in the route tab allowing you to return to Aiguebelle safely. However, the weather is not an exact science. For your safety we may have to cancel or interrupt the races in extreme cases.

Learn more about abandon/retreat routes:


No, only for the 92km and 152km.

Immediately before the start of the race.

Drop bags will be available at Pleynet / Les 7 Laux at KM 60 and Super Collet at KM 100. For some this means it will take12 hrs between the start and Pleynet, and at least 12 hrs to get to Super Collet. 

Mandatory equipment must be kept with you at all times during the race.

The drop bag is about 100 liters. Be careful not to overload it and allow some margin so as not to risk it opening and losing things during transport!

Here is a link to the Mandatory equipment.

Waterproof pants do the trick.

There is a luggage deposit available in Aiguebelle to drop off your belongings until you get back from the race. Drop off before boarding the shuttle.
There is no luggage drop off in Vizille at the race start.


The shuttles depart from the front of the gymnasium in Aiguebelle, opposite the finish area.  Schedules and additional information are indicated on this
There are no stops between Aiguebelle and the race start.
There are no shuttle buses to take people back to Aiguebelle.

No, there is no bag delivery service between the race start and the race finish.

-3 start waves for each race :

*Intégrale : 5h, 5h30, 6h

*Traversée Nord : 4h30, 4h45, 5h

*Parcours des Crêtes : 8h, 8h30, 9h

*42km : 10h, 10h15, 10h30

-Once your wave assigned, it won’t be changeable.

-Runners with highest ITRA rank will start in the 1st wave.

-Start waves will be announced mid july.

When you register (or you go back to your online account), before june 30th, fill in the group name field with the same name as all your friends (be careful with spelling).

Once your start wave is assigned, it won’t be changeable.

Your group will start in the wave of the lowest ITRA rank runner of the group.

Start waves will be announced mi july.


The Pacer is there to motivate and morally accompany the racer, but under no circumstances should he physically assist the racer: muleing (carrying racers gear) and towing is not allowed.

It is possible to collect your Pacer’s bib with a copy of his ID and the presentation of his compulsory equipment.

The Pacer does not have a specific check at the race start (since tehy can start from anywhere in the second half of the race) but at all times they must have all the obligatory equipment with them !

No. Only one pacer per runner!

The Pacer can start at a control zone (aid station) from the Pleynet/Les 7 Laux, and give up or stop on at in a control zone by indicating they are stopping. They cannot leave and return to the course.

The end-of-race meal, access to supplies and access to race support.

Not included: lots departures and lots finishers.


No, the pacer is only allowed for the 152km L’Echappe Belle Integrale.


Assisting the runner is only possible in the aid stations. It is forbidden to provide any assistance outside these areas.

Yes. If the option was not selected at the time of registration, go to the reception/shop.

The Echappe Belle is a race to experience with family or friends. Many activities are offered along the course.