Registration will open on January Monday 13th!


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Registration list 2019

RACERace valid until 30th june 2019Race valid from the 1st of july 2019
149km SOLO175 euros195 euros
149km DUO175 euros per person195 euros per person
87km95 euros115 euros
62km72 euros77 euros
PACER (only the solo 144km participants can have a pacer)40 euros


  • Race bib and race prep
  • Registration costs
  • Starter Gift
  • Arrival pack
  • Timing and live race tracking
  • Snack and breakfast
  • Pit stops
  • A meal upon arrival at Aigubelle
  • A drink upon arrival at the bouvette
  • Security and first aid
  • A road-book (144 km) or a ‘table de marche’ (85km and 57km)
  • A resistent race bag (144km and 85km)
  • Access to all the high definition photographs



Pacers are ‘ accompagnateurs’, only the solo 144km racers can have a pacer.
The pacer can join their racer on any chosen part of the race as from Pleynet/Les 7 Laux and leave their runner where they choose. The pacer must joint and leave their runner at a snack stop.
The pacer will have a bib, access to the snack stops and the meal at the arrival.
They are not ranked, and are not entitled to the registration’s gift at the departure the arrival pack.
Their mission is to accompany the runner, reassure them, encourage them and therefore help them overcome Aiguebelle, without carrying their things, pull or push the runner.


Any accident or sickness that excluded participation (medical certification needed)
Deaths of a partner, decedents or direct relatives.
For all other reasons please send us a written explanation.

Amount of reimbursement:

  • Before the 30th of june, 100% reimbursed, les 15 euros for administrative costs
  • Before the 30th of July, 50% reimbursed
  • Before the 9th of August, 25% reimbursed
  • After the 9th of August, no reimbursement possible


Don’t forget your medical certificate you will need it to pick up your race bib.
Reminder, the medical certificate MUST have the following phrase: no medical conditions that impair the participate from running / athletics / competitive trail running and must date from less then a month before the race.

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