Repatriation due to an abandonment

In case of abandonment, the organization will provide you a shuttle service. Sometimes you need to walk 1 or 2 hours to join the meeting point, and then you could wait until 2 hours there (time of rotation). These shuttles will bring you to the Pleynet/Les 7 Laux or to Aiguebelle. These shuttles are available on the following place:

– Ravito 3: Car Park of la Souille (2 hours walking from refuge Jean Collet)
– Ravito 4: Bridge of la Betta (1 hour walking from Pas de la Coche)
– Base Camp Fond de France – Pleynet / Les 7 Laux
– Ravito 6: Gleyzin / Ravito 6 bis Léat Lake: 30 minutes from Gleysin
– Base vie Station Super Collet
– Ravito 9: Val pelouse
– Ravito 10: Le Pontet
– Ravito 12 : Fontaine Noire

Repatriation due to an injury

The Medical Service of the race will take care of you and will decide which kind of repatriation will be used depending on the severity and urgency of the injury.

Back course option

There are many ways to join Aiguebelle from Vizille. Il existe en Belledonne de nombreux sentiers permettant de rallier Aiguebelle depuis Vizille. These options are partially or fully activatable as required. Our wish is to offer a maximum of possibility to the runners to join Aiguebelle in safety.

The first option is to shunt all the tracks above 2 000 m of altitude, while retaining the positioning of the existing refreshment posts.

The second option is to take secure forest trails in case of strong natural phenomena, with a different positioning of some refreshment posts.