21 km
2 000 mD+

The best of Belledonne for this extreme route!

This skyrace offers you a climb on the 7 Laux lakes by the nothern track. After the edges of the white lake, and large and long screes, you will discover the Amiante pass to finish on to the summit, the White Rock (2928m). Downhill between big rocks, slabs, and snow portion, to go on the valley of the Combe Madame to Fond-de-France.

Technical form

Food supplies: 2
Time limit: 7 hours

Start: Friday August 20th 2021 at 09:00 from Fond-de-France (Haut-Breda)
Finish: before Friday August 20th at 17:00 in Fond-de-France

Price: 40 euros

The numbers of bibs are limited. Selection on file, to be returned at the organisation before the 1st of march (put online on january 18th). The results will be communicated the 1st april.

The course

This race offer you a technical course 100% Belledonne. After a beautiful climb since Fond de france, along the Breda stream, you will discover the amazing lakes of 7 Laux. From here, the screes will substitute the trails. You will take quickly altitude, to have a beautfiul view on the lakes. The caution will be important to climb on the Amiante pass. And after 150m of denivelation, there will be the sumit of the white Rock (2926m). A beaufitul point of view locate on the middle of the range. And now, prepare your thighs, it’s time to go down. In the programm, big slabs, some parts of snow, a lot of stones… 1000m of negative denivelation in the heart of Belledonne, far from the trails and close to the stones. FInnaly, you will take a path on the valley of combe madame, to finish the race on forest, and to arrived at Fond de France (Haut brada Valley).