Being well aware that participating to any event can only happen within strict sanitary rules as communicated by the French government as well as due respect of our environmental values, I
hereby commit as a runner of L’Echappée Belle:

1/ To respect the then currently applicable gesture barrier rules in particular in any closed, or semi-open spaces, or with a high density of people at any time of the event (wearing a mask,
washing hands, physical distancing).

2/ To strictly respect the race rules and all measures set by the event organization to minimize sanitary risks:

  • Always wearing a mask in the start area, and keeping it with me till the finish line in order to put it on again in the line out beyond the finish line
  • Respect of currently mandatory social distancing with other runners while running, therefore using the entire width of the way
  • No spitting on the ground
  • Blow my nose in a disposable tissue that I throw in a garbage can
  • No waste throwing in public areas
  • Respect and leave public areas clean
  • Have my own required equipment and only use my own liquid refueling container (water bag, gourd, flask, bottle, cup, etc.).

3/ Not to come into any physical contact with other participants.

4/ To understand that by joining the event, I am joining a gathering of people potentially generating the spread of the coronavirus epidemic if the barrier rules are not applied by everyone.

5/ To accept that, while joining this event, the health risk is potentially serious for the most vulnerable people (people over 65 years old, affected by a chronic disease, or pregnant).

6/ In the event I have had Covid-19 in the weeks and months preceding the race, to consult a doctor before my participation to figure out whether or not my participation to the competition is
possible, in particular the races showing significant uphill and even more so high altitude.

7/ Not to join the race if I have had any symptoms of Covid-19 for less than 14 days.

8/ To demonstrate good civic spirit by committing to notify the organization’s Covid-19 referent in the event of a declaration of illness after the race.

9/ To download (if possible) and register on the “StopCovid” application before I come to the event.