How do you heard about EB?
I am the founder of Czech Skyrunning Association as the member of ISF since 2013. I actualize the calendar of skyrunning and ultra trail races on our web. When I found new races for this calendar in 2014, I discovered web pages of EB and it fascinated me immediately.

Why you would like to run Echappée Belle?
I participated on ultra trail UT4M with start and finish in Grenoble. It was nice race and the most beautiful part of this race was just Belledonne massif. When I discovered that EB is race what is over whole Belledonne massif I knew I must to participate.

What are you looking for with ultra trail running in general?
I don‘t like ultra trail in general but I like ultra trail in the mountain especially because I love the mountains. I like also shorter races in the mountain and I love the iconic mountains or skyrunning races like Zegama, Dolomites SkyRace, Sierre-Zinal, Limone Skyrace for instance. But I lost my race pace after my injury on Sierre-Zinal in 2010 therefore tempo of ultra trail is more comfortable for me now :) And of course I have more opportunities to see more of the mountains. Also the feeling after the ultra trail finish is quite different from that of other races.

In 2018 I moved into a new age category. Last year I did not meet the Le Playnet time limit. This year I’m determined to come to Aiguebelle even without a bib number if I did not get cut of time somewhere. Shortly speaking I want to see whole Belledonn e massif finally. :)