D-15 before launch of L’Échappée Belle 10th edition

044The start of the 10th edition of L’Echappée Belle will happen on Friday, August 19th at 5:00, in Domaine de Vizille in Isere, for the 700 runners who will set off for the whole track of 149km / 11300m uphill till Aiguebelle in Savoie. They will be joined on Saturday 20th by the trailers from the 2 other races: the North Crossing (84 kms) and the Ridge Track (64 kms).

The White Rock Skyrace® du Rocher Blanc runners will start on Friday August 19th at 9:30 from Fond-de-France for a 2000m uphill till the Rocher Blanc.

This 10th edition of l’Echappée Belle offers an original alpine track: the Du’ô des Cimes ; a unique crossing of 120kms and 11000mD+, no marks, quasi-autonomy, mixing adventure and technicality, reserved for 50 pairs. The route will pass through all key points of the 4 other tracks and will only be fully revealed to competitors 10 days before the start.  

The party promises to be great for this anniversary year with numerous animation activities during and around the race. 

The starts 

  • Echappée Belle Integrale: Friday, August 19th at 5:00 in domaine de Vizille.
  • North Crossing: 84kms starting from Fond-de-France on Saturday, August 20th at 5:00.
  • Ridge Track: 64kms from Allevard on Saturday, August 20th at 8:00.
  • White Rock La Skyrace®: Friday, August 19th from Fond-de-France at 9:30.
  • Le The Du’ô des Cimes: Friday, August 19th at 7:00 from Arselle.

The Integrale and the Du’ô des Cimes are fully booked. Some bibs are relaining available on the 84kms, the 64kms and the Skyrace®. Registrations are still open, till August 10th. 

An exceptional gathering for this 10th edition

Nobody wanted to miss the opportunity of this exceptional 10th edition. Numerous excellent runners will be to follow during this Echappée Belle, which already promises to be full of suspense:

On the l’ intégrale

In the men category, Jean-Marie Thévenard, Jonatan Tejada Ocedo from Spain, Stéphane Eveque-Mourroux, Aurélien Jacoutot, Matthieu Durand, Nicolas Perrier, Camille Verrier, Yoann Lecauchois, Radek Chrobàk from Czech Republic, as well as Christophe Anselmo, winner of the 2018 edition will be on the starting line.

In the women category, we will follow Sarah Vieuille, Marta Wenta from Poland, Estelle Patou, as well as Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote from Spain, Stella Petric from Netherland, first woman in 2021, Juliette Blanchet, first in 2020 and Patricia Pensa from Italy, first in 2016 (who comes back on the race for the 6th time!).

On the North Crossing, other former winners are back.

In the men category, Florentin Le Provost (winner in 2015) should beware of Jérôme Vanderschaegh from Belgium, of Théo Le Boudec, Roberto Alberio and Fabien Feutrier. And we’ve the honor to welcome Dawa Sherpa on this race.

In the women category, Manon Benoît, who won the Skyrace in 2021, is making an attempt this year on the 84km race, as well as Nadège Capri who had won the Ridge Track in 2019. Agathe Lebel will also need to be followed closely.

On the Ridge Track, 64kms from Allevard to Aiguebelle, the favorites among men are Ludovic Colomb, Benoit Amiot, Jérémy Pieau, Pierre Bonbonny, Clément Desille et Joffrey Ginoux. In the women category, Camille Guy, Anne-Laure Roux and Nathalie Faure should perform well.

On the White Rock Skyrace®, Gédéon Pochat, a Dynafit runner, Paul Jay, Pierre Reygade, Paul Burette (3rd last year) and Sanna et Lina El Kott Helander from Sweden are among the favourites.

The Du’ô des Cimes challenge, proposed for this 10th edition, is a mix of the 4 existing tracks with must-see passages of the Belledonne mountains. Its technicality and its mostly unmarked track require mountain experience. A finisher at the Intégrale race should must be part of the pair. We will therefore find on the starting line, among the selected 50 pairs, a large field of former winners of the Intégrale, and in particular:

  • François D’Haene (winner in 2019 and current Intégrale time record holder in 23h55) who will team up with his brother-in-law Alexis Traub,
  • Sandrine Béranger (first in the women category in 2013 and 2018) in pair with Sébastien Raichon (2nd at the Intégrale en 2018),
  • David Quelhas and Guilherme Lourenço from Portugal,
  • Antoine Guillon (Traversée Nord winner in 2016) and Cédric Chavet (winner of the Intégrale 2020),

And as well Renaud Rouanet and Sébastien Gérard (winner of the Intégrale 2016), Joris Botton (winner of the Traversée Nord in 2014), Mélanie Rousset (first in the women category of Intégrale 2019), Edouard Laudier (winner of the Parcours des Crêtes in 2019 and of the Traversée Nord in 2020) and Luca Papi.

An adventure to live with family and friends!

The public and everyone accompanying the runners are welcome to come and see the runners at various points on the races, and take part in the activities, in particular at the aid stations in Arselle, Fond-de-France, Le Pleynet, Super Collet, Bourget-en-Huile and Aiguebelle.

Concerts and live, introduction to rock climbing and orienteering running, kids run, etc., the activities are numerous, free and open to all. It is possible to eat at most sites, and thus wait for the runners in a festive, warm and friendly atmosphere.

Shuttles to access the sites are set up between Allevard and Super Collet, Allevard and Le Pleynet, Pinsot and Gleyzin.
> Full program of animations : www.lechappeebelledonne.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/ProgrammeEB2022-web.pdf

To follow the race online

To follow the runners and get information over the 3 days: www.lechappeebelledonne.com/live/

To be noted: 2 meetings each day on L’Echappée Belle Facebook page, from Thursday to Sunday, with video summaries on races.


Key figures:

  • 2163 runners overall, including 305 women.
  • 204 foreigners / 21 nationalities (Belgium strongly represented with 96 runners), 9,5% foreigners.
  • 650 volunteers.
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