– Results on the Integral solo
– All registrations for the Integral duo, the North crossing and the Ridge track are accepted.
You have until February 15 8:00PM to validate your registration.
There are still a few places left on the 2 other courses which will be accessible from February 15.
Registration of pacers from February 15 (100 places available).
Good preparation and see you soon in Belledonne!

The 9th edition of Echappee Belle, Ultra Crossing of Belledonne, will take place on August 2021, 20th, 21st and 22nd

The 8th edition of the Echappée Belle featured an exceptional field of runners. Best trail runners offered us an exciting battle of the titans. Cédric Chavet wins the race in 27h23, followed by Renaud Rouanet (27:35:26) and Stéphane Evêque-Mourroux (27:52:26) . Among female athletes, Juliette Blanchet was the first to pass the finish-line after 35:05:01 of the race. This year, face masks could not hide smiles of finishers when they were crossing the finish-line. Very special context gave a flavour of uncertainty about the maintenance of the race till the very last moment before the start. But it did not spoil the joy at the end of the event. Quite the contrary !

Cédric Chavet crossed the finish-line arch full of emotions at 7.26 am on the 22nd August. “I do barely believe it. I feel so proud. It is an extreme pleasure to win the race such as the Echappée Belle. Winning the race after “François the Great” seems just unbelievable!”, he declared just after he rang the much expected finisher bell. In the “top five” as of the beginning, the winner of this Echappée Belle edition nailed the race, keeping calm in front of competitors who started too fast. Familiar with this kind of challenging landscape, resistant to the heat, he finally won the Echappée Belle after the second-place finish in 2016. Few minutes after him, his friend Renaud Rouanet, arrived 2nd after he took advantage during the final part of the race. In the “top ten” till Gleyzin, Renaud kept his own pace, keeping away from the euphoria of race leaders. “I knew that there is no need to get mad before Pleynet”. One step away from giving up midway, Stéphane Eveque-Mourroux finally climbed to the 3rd step of the podium. “Unbelievable!” he says while crossing the line. “Sunsets… Lakes… It is as gorgeous, as difficult and technical”. The difficulty he talks about is the reason for the high number of withdrawals: 53% of runners finished the race. Leading the race from the beginning till Val Pelous, Jean-Marie Thevenard gave up a few kilometers after. Regardless of a very nice start, the patron of the 2020 edition, Sébastien Chaigneau, was hit by a pain at the level of the solar plexus. Medical care provided at Pleynet helped Sébastien to restart, but he eventually gave up the race shortly after Pleynet.

The women’s race witnessed the victory of Juliette Blanchet who won the Intégrale race with a time of 35:05:01. Following her own pace from the beginning, she catched up leaders and did not give up her position anymore, regardless blister. With a big smile, Céline Finas takes second place (35:36:59), followed by Daphné Alglave Guibert (36:18:57).

Duo of Camille Minard and Florian Becker took first place in the Intégrale in 32:33:13 in their category.

As for the North Crossing 87km race, Edouard Laudier is the first to cross the finish-line with a time of 13:16:09. He already won the Ridge Track 62 km in 2019. Sébastien Gérard (13:46:48), winner of the Intégrale in 2016, and Jean-Adrien Michel (13:59:08), finished in second and third place accordingly. American runner  Hilary Allen wins the women’s North Crossing race after a 26h15 effort. She is followed by Estelle Patou (16:25:23) and Pauline Gaidet (17:33:46). Mimmi Kotka (Sweden), after leading the women’s race, and at the 10th position from
scratch, gave up at Pontet.

The youngers runner, Benjamin Roubiol and Louison Coiffet (21 years old) took the 1st and the 2 nd place scratch on the Ridge Track with a time of respectively 06:49:51 and 07:11:41. Sylvain Court, winnerof the Integrale in 2017 finshed 3rd.
Julie won the women’s race with the new route of 57k and 3900m of elevation with a time of 08:09:34. Anna Comet Dynafit’s runner finished 2 nd (08:20:53) and Marine Quintard was 3rd (08:30:32).

An amazing edition due to the context, the weather and elite runners

“That’s trail running!” The 1017 finishers were unanimous when crossing the finishline: the route is beautiful but it’s probably one of the most difficult that they ran. Everything was in place to make this 8th edition so great: more elite runners than usual, a beautiful weather and volunteers ready even with the sanitory situation. All the imposed process have been respected, without spoiling the pleasure of the runners, who have appreciated the organization and the commitment of the volunteers.
The latter competed for creativity to welcome runners on the different pit stop: musique, nice messages written for runners, fun decoration of the pit stop…and still with a strictness to follow the sanitory rules. Many thanks to the volunteers who are the DNA of the Echappee Belle: friendship, empathy, availability…they give of their time during 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year to help make this race an authentic and warm event.

Interview of the first of 149k: https://youtu.be/fXp7iDM6BkM
Finish line of the last finisher in Aiguebelle: https://youtu.be/spPqNfAbrA0


Échappée Belle intégrale
1.      Cédric Chavet 27:23:39
2.      Renaud Rouanet 27:35:26
3.      Stéphane Eveque-Mourroux 27:52:26
1.      Juliette Blanchet 35:05:01
2.      Céline Finas 35:36:59
3.      Daphné Alglave Guibert 36:18:57
North Crossing
1.      Edouard Laudier 13:16:09
2.      Sébastien Gérard 13:46:48
3.      Jean-Adrien Michel 13:59:08
1.      Hilary Allen 15:39:09
2.      Estelle Patou 16:25:23
3.      Pauline Gaidet 17:33:46
Ridge Track
1.      Benjamin Roubiol 06:49:51
2.      Louison Coiffet 07:11:41
3.      Sylvain Court 07:22:31
1.      Julie Roux 08:09:34
2.      Anna Comet 08:20:53
3.      Marine Quintard 08:30:32
Intégrale duo
1.      Camille Minard et Florian Becker 32:33:13
2.      Antoine Biard et Florian Monnereau 35:02:38
3.      Stéphane Baumhauer et Xavier Heitz 39:43:32

Résults full: https://echappeebelle.livetrail.run/classement.php

Photos podiums: www.facebook.com/lechapeebelledonne/posts/3427521827287411

STATISTICS edition 2020

1489 runners included 40 duo and 180 women
– 53% of finisher
– 520 runners included 29 women
– 40 duos, 42% of finisher
North Crossing
– 67% of finishers
– 455 partants included 63 women
Ridde Track
– 88% of finishers
– 474 runners included 86 women

Rémi BERCHET, 2ème Intégrale 2019
Dear runners, our next communication to you is planned for August 8th. We will then provide you with further details on schedules for shuttle buses, race starts by waves, as well as information on withdrawal of bibs. However, we can’t resist sharing good news : on Monday we received receipts of declaration from both prefectures of Isere and Savoie departments. This means that as of today we have all the required keys we need to organize L’Echappée Belle. It remains for us all runners, volunteers and organization staff to show that we deserve such moment by respecting, all together, the health and organizational instructions that we will have each of you validate soon via a convention document. Thank you, and we will see you in a few days from now !
As a reminder : registration of pacers is possible until August 8th.

Hello to our dear trail runners,

While we of course can’t predict the final decision the competent local authorities will make this summer regarding l’Echappée Belle, all lights are green concerning the items we have control on : masses of volunteers, great support from city councils and territorial organizations, partners by our side whatever happens, and authorization request files under evaluation by prefectures of Isere and Savoie departments.

So we made the decision to continue preparing for the 2020 edition.

What are the next steps ?

– If you are France residents you have until June 30 to freely and unconditionally cancel your participation at reduced cost (20% withholding on registration fees). If you are unsure about feeling able to manage the still pending uncertainty, it is possible then to cancel without having to provide any justification. Therefore, just write your request to contact.belledonne@gmail.com by June 30. Beyond that date the usual cancellation terms will apply.

– As for runners coming from abroad, given the additional uncertainty occurred by some of the border regulations, you are entitled to cancel your participation under these same terms until August 8.

On Wednesday July 1st everyone will receive practical details on new processes for retrieving your bib, available accommodations, and reception conditions for the public and accompanying persons.

Can you tell me more about the trail course ?

  • The 149Km (solo and duo) and 87km routes are almost identical. The show is guaranteed;)
  • The pacers are still allowed.
  • The start of the 62km ‘Route des crêtes’ will happen from the Collet station, and not from the Allevard village.
  • Please note the 62km trail will require significant personal autonomy (1st aid station at km 30).

In the event of weather forecast uncertainty, we reserve the right as usual to modify the course.

What happens in the event the authorities actually don’t give their go ahead for the race to happen ?

If we don’t get the required authorizations 15 days before the race starts, i.e. by August 8, we will have no other choice than to cancel. You would then get refund for 80% of your registration (excluding donations), and all optional items will be totally refunded.

Why keep 20% of your registration ?

The Echappée Belle requires 10 tons of equipment, storage areas to be rented, one salaried employee since January, plus some related costs (registration platform, communication, amongst others). So we computed the relevant rate to enable the Echappée Belle organization to survive until the next edition. Such rate is only possible thanks to the unfailing support from our partners who we are thankful to.

What does an ‘adapted’ event mean ?

It is an event organized as respectful as possible of the current health rules. Here is a short summary :

For runners :

Increase your personal food autonomy. Some aid stations won’t be supplied as much as usually ; that will make the adventure even more intense. Don’t worry though, there will be everywhere enough to drink and something to eat ! Spare bags for the 87 and the 149km are still possible.

> Hands disinfection (as usual now since 3 years) will be mandatory at the entrance of each aid station and a few other sites (start and finish lines).

> Access to an aid station will follow a strict but simple distanciation protocole. We will tell you more about it this summer.

> Start for each race will happen over several waves and according to ITRA rankings. Highest-ranking ITRA bibs first, and so on. The start for the last wave will happen at the usual times from previous Echappée Belle editions. Such protocol should ensure no bottleneck at aid stations and facilitate physical distanciation. 

> Wearing a mask will be mandatory in each significant gathering area and/or where physical distanciation is not possible. And when running, you obviously don’t need to wear a mask …

> Podiums will be held along with runners arrival. There will be no closing ceremonies.

> Rest area, dormitories and camp beds will be maintained. The maximum rest times are identical to previous years (see regulations) except that for once they must be respected!

> A shuttle service to take you to the start lines will still be provided. However as of today we don’t yet know the shuttle access conditions.

> The pasta and arrival meal options are maintained

For the runner assistance/accompanying persons and the public :

> Each runner is entitled to only one accompanying person. A bracelet will therefore be provided with each bib. The accompanying persons won’t be authorized to get access to all aid stations and will be required to wear masks. 

> Other family members will be welcome to stay nearby but not to enter the runners areas. 

> The public will only be allowed in areas where physical distanciation can be enforced (i.e. at major aid stations and at the finish line site).

> Animation activities aimed to the public and children will be significantly reduced. There will still be animation activities aimed to volunteers and runners.

> A new live-tracking system is being evaluated to enable families and public to follow the event and races remotely.

I am Belgian and I worry :

– There will be beer « Echappee Belle » ! Still for moderate consumption of course …

And for myself as a runner, how do I make it all work ?

  • I respect the instructions and rules.
  • I ask questions if anything is not clear enough.
  • I keep smiling. The volunteers and the whole staff did an extra-ordinary job to enable you to come and have a chance to recharge and empty your batteries in Belledonne.
  • I train and adapt my pace and goal to my training level and capacity even more so than usual.
  • I plan on a larger food reserve.
  • I plan to bring a mask, decorated and beautiful if possible.
  • I plan to carry a small bottle of hydroalcoholic gel with me just in case.
  • I plan on bringing my own trash bag with straps as spare bag (149km duo and solo and 87km), where I will store my belongings, to bring to the start line.
  • If I give up ob the race, I signal myself to one of the event organization representatives, and then try to organize my return with my loved ones. A return service will be provided, but your active participation will be very welcome.

Please be aware that we will do our best to adapt to any potential new directives and that our priority remains everyone’s safety.

Let’s not be afraid, let’s be careful and smile !

Enjoy your preparation !

We trust that you managed to find your way back to the tracks after the lock-out, while still applying the protection rules of course. For our part, we have been working since mid-march on adapting l’Echappée Belle to the current and moving health situation. We have actually decided to take a little more time in order to optimize our chances to maintain l’Echappée Belle, and we will announce a final decision on Saturday, June 20. We will definitely keep in touch and share any new and decisive information until that date.
We look forward to meeting you in Belledonne !
Meanwhile please take care of yourself.

Hello trailer friends

First of all we hope you and your beloved ones are in great shape. We are counting on your legendary ultra trailer mindset to apply confinement rules, although we are well aware how painful it can be for you going through such times. L’Échappée Belle is a demanding race and we hope, just like you, that you will soon be able to get back to training !

Many runners are currently worrying about whether or not our event will be held this year. To date we have no certainty but be aware we will do everything possible to welcome you in Belledonne, although that will only be as long as we can guarantee safety, for you, the volunteers, and the local population. The whole team is currently working on different scenarios in order to adapt as quickly as possible to the situation and to soon-expected government rules related to such events.

We remain very focused on the evolution of the situation and will get back to you very soon with more information.

Please trust we are doing our very best to meet up all together in Belledonne late August, in the best possible conditions.

Thank you for your understanding, let’s stand together.

The whole organization team

Sébastien Chaigneau, ultra-trailer and fan of mountains and outdoor sports, owns a dense track record with numerous podiums on renowned international races: 3rd place at the Diagonale des Fous 2005, 2nd in 2009 and 3rd in 2011 at the UTMB, 1st at the Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2011, 3rd of the TransGranCanaria 2011, 1st and record holder of the TransGranCanaria 2012 and 2013, triple winner of the Libyan Challenge in 2007, 2008 and 2009 (200 kms in 30 hours in desert and full autonomy), 1st of the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run (USA, 160 km, 10,000 D +) in 2013 …

We are thrilled to welcome him back to the race, and very proud to announce he will be the moral sponsor of this 8th edition.

In 2019, registration for Echappée Belle Intégrale was complete in 23 hours, and for the North Crossing in 7 days. We have a possibility to increase the number of places. But since we committed for a sustainable management of the race and we would like to prevent pushing on paths, to limit soil erosion, and preserve friendliness and pleasure.

Increasing prominence of Echappée Belle last years makes us think that 149km could be completed in few hours only, and the North Crossing (87km) in 2 or 3 days maximum.

This situation might create several inconveniences such as:

  • Disappointment of those who did not have a chance to register;
  • Registerrations on the spur of the moment without assessing how challenging the race is;
  • Disappointment of people who could not register and are not able to run as their trail buddies do;
  • Incomplete information provided during registration might trigger addition treatment time for our volunteers;
  • International trainers who miss the opportunity to register because of jetlag.

In order to avoid pushing and to give equal opportunities to all to participate to Echappée Belle, we decided to establish the principle of selection by the draw for 149km and 87km races.

  • The registration period will last 15 full days.
  • Results will be available few days later.
  • Registrations in a group are possible: in this case, ALL group members are chosen in the lottery, or any member of the group is chosen.
  • Reasonable number of places are specifically reserved for female runners to encourage women to register and participate.
  • Same for international runners.
  • A defined number of 50 places are reserved at the discretion of organizers for volunteers, certain journalists, partners, etc.
  • All who were not selected in the lottery will be placed on waiting list which will be used to continue registrations in case of cancellations.

This operational mode is complex, but it seems to us a better option to guarantee efficiency of the registration process by our amazing team of volunteers, as well guaranteeing quality of Echappée Belle.

This year, the insurance is included in the registration. It comprehends helicopter transportation, mountain rescue services, repatriation. For few more euros, you can have a possibility to extend insurance to one-year period and be covered during all your trainings and sport events.

Registration opening January 13th 2020

Three races in altitude throughout the wild, steady and rocky Belledonne Mountain:

  • Echappee Belle Integrale, 149k and 11400m of elevation, solo or duo, from Vizille to Aiguebelle, for the complete crossing of Belledonne Mountain. With more than 40k above 2000m and a minimum of descent in the valley, this very technical and demanding ultra trail running offers an unique experience. This race is a real fun for experienced trailers who love stunning and challenging terrain.
  • The North Crossing, 87k and 6140m elevation solo from Pleynet/Les 7 Laux to Aiguebelle, for sky-run-wild-terrain lovers. This ultra trail running offers a great opportunity to discover the North Face of Belledonne by day and its mythic Moretan Pass (be ready for 1500m ascent and 1500m descent in a raw)!
  • NEWS The Ridge Track offers now a new route of 62k and 4700m elevation solo from Allevard to Aiguebelle. A very challenging route throughout the wild trails of Maurienne side of Belledonne, with the highlight Rognier Peak. The time limit will remain more accessible than the 2 other races, to allow runners to experience this adventure.
    Discover the race: http://lechappeebelledonne.tracedetrail.fr/fr

For sake of security and well-being of runners, number of participants is limited to 500 per race (100 addition runners for duo on the 144k) on random draw.