The 8th edition of Echappee Belle, Belledonne’s Ultra Crossing, will take place on August 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2020


Registration opening January 13th 2020

Three races in altitude throughout the wild, steady and rocky Belledonne Mountain:

  • Echappee Belle Integrale, 149k and 11400m of elevation, solo or duo, from Vizille to Aiguebelle, for the complete crossing of Belledonne Mountain. With more than 40k above 2000m and a minimum of descent in the valley, this very technical and demanding ultra trail running offers an unique experience. This race is a real fun for experienced trailers who love stunning and challenging terrain.
  • The North Crossing, 87k and 6140m elevation solo from Pleynet/Les 7 Laux to Aiguebelle, for sky-run-wild-terrain lovers. This ultra trail running offers a great opportunity to discover the North Face of Belledonne by day and its mythic Moretan Pass (be ready for 1500m ascent and 1500m descent in a raw)!
  • NEWS The Ridge Track offers now a new route of 62k and 4700m elevation solo from Allevard to Aiguebelle. A very challenging route throughout the wild trails of Maurienne side of Belledonne, with the highlight Rognier Peak. The time limit will remain more accessible than the 2 other races, to allow runners to experience this adventure.
    Discover the race:

For sake of security and well-being of runners, number of participants is limited to 500 per race (100 addition runners for duo on the 144k) on random draw.

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