The GR® 738 “Haute Traversée de Belledonne” (High Crossing of Belledonne) has just been approved by the French Hiking Federation (FFRandonnée) in Isère and Savoie.

After several years of work in collaboration with all the players of Belledonne, “Espace Belledonne” and the French Hiking Federation (FFRandonnée Isère), in partnership with the Savoie committee and the community of municipalities, succeeded in carrying out the GR® (track of “Grande Randonnée”) of the integrale crossing of Belledonne.

On the tracks of the Échappée Belle…
This is an integrale crossing of the mountain range from the valley up to 2000m altitude, with Vizille and Aiguebelle as gates entrance. Adapted to the most sporty hikers, it propose in 11 stages, 130 km and more than 10 000 m of elevation. Its fantastic course proposes a fabulous immersion on naturel massif, wild and surprising, between mountain pasture, lakes and forests. This hiking will carry you throught refuges and mountain lodge, and bring you maybe to meet the breeders and shepherds who showcase the mountains of Belledonne throught the Alpine season (appointments throughout the summer to discover the alpine pastures of Belledonne).

Others hiking course on the massif will be restructured and promoted as the GR® de Pays «Tour du Pays d’Allevard» with its path connected to the GR® 738, for 5 days hiking between ridges and balconies. Shorter the  GR® de Pays du «Tour des lacs des 7 Laux» will allow you to discover the 2 sides of Belledonne, from Rivier d’Allemont to Prapoutel in 2 or 3 days. More course are being study between North Belledonne, Glandon and South Belledonne.

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